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Teams for 2019

There will be one team in each age group for both boys and girls! If you were at tryouts you are on a team in your age group! Please find the schedule for your age group.

Please register today! Communication from coaches will now go to registered players.

We will be assessing the U17 and U18 in the first two weeks of January for the girls as there are alot of U17 age gils and not many U18, there is a possibility of making two U18 teams.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us!


January Schedule Please Read Carefully


Under 12 Monday 5-6:60pm SAJS and Sunday 12:30-2 SAJS

Under 13 Thursday 5-6:30 East and Sunday 3:30-5 SAJS

Under 14 Monday 5:00-6:30 SAJS and Sunday 3:30-5 SAJS

Under 15 Thursday 6:30-8 East and Sunday 12:30-2 SAJS

Under 16 Monday 6:30-8 SAJS and Wednesday 5:30-7 AEC

Under 17 Monday 6:30-8 SAJS and Wednesday 5:30-7 St Andrews Consolidated

Under 18 Tuesday 7:30-9 East and Thursday 8-9:30 East

Under 16 Boys Monday 8-9:30 SAJS and Sunday 11-12:30 SAJS

Under 18 Boys Wednesday 7-8:30 St Andrews Consolidated and Sunday 2-3:30 SAJS

Key Dates for 2019

Key Event Dates:
o Super Series #1: February 8th-10th, 2019
o Super Series #2: March 8th-10th, 2019
o Super Series #3: March 29th-31st, 2019
o NS Champs Weekend 1: April 12th-14th, 2019 14UG, 14UB, 17UG,
18UG, 18UB
o NS Champs Weekend 2: April 26th-28th, 2019 13UG, 15UG, 16UG,

New Jerseys for 2019

The club is looking into new long sleeve jerseys for the teams this year. Find some good jerseys in a timely fashion we will try to put it to the athletes for a vote on the new jerseys!

Fitness Sessions

New to Stoirm for 2019 year is mandatory fitness sessions. The fitness sessions will be on Tuesday 5-6pm at SAJS and Wednesday 5-6pm at AEC. Athletes will be required to go to one of these sessions a week as they are part of the training for the year.

Stoirm will be announcing the trainer for these sessions as soon as it is finalized and they will start Tuesday January 8th.


Tryouts will be:

December 9th SAJS

11-12:30 U13/U14/U15

12:30-2:00 U16/U17/U18

2-3:30 Boys

December 16th East Antigonish Education Center

11-12:30 U13/U14/U15

12:30-2:00 U16/U17/U18

2-3:30 Boys

Joe Duggan will be running the boys tryouts with guest Daniel Strickland who has played competitive volleyball in Europe and BC. Daniel has also agreed to assist the boys throughout the season, this is a great opportunity to learn from someone with such experience!

2018 Teams

The U18 team lists are waiting on a reply form VNS on the status of a player, we expect to have an answer January 3rd and then the teams will be posted.         Thank you!

Under 13 team Blue Coaches Tyson and David, assistants Emma and Margaret
Practice times Mondays 5-6:30 SAJS and Sunday 12:30-2 SAJS

Kailey Nash Shea Carr Rachel Gardner
 Victoria Wyler Makenzie Webster Maria Bond
Maddison Bezair Mikayla Lapointe Kailey Doiron

Under 14 team White coaches Kristen and Kristyn
Practice times Thursday 6:30-8 East Antigonish and Sundays 3:30-5 SAJS

Abby Decoste Anna Robinson Annaliese MacEachern
Caley Langley Madison MacLellan Reannah Morais
Taylor Throop-Robinson Gracie Bowie Sarah Wallace
Hannah MacEachern

Under 14 team Navy Tammy and Alexis, assistants Emma and Margaret
Practice times Thursdays 6:30-8 East Antigonish and Sundays 11-12:30 SAJS

Hallie MacNeil  Cassie Tracey Taylor Smpson
Josie MacQuarrie Maredith Grant-Spin Katie MacNeil
Ceilidh Mathews Hope Murray Abigail Hatcher
Roma MacPhee

Under 15 team White Coaches Charles and Taylor
Practice times Wednesday 6:30-8 St. Andrews Consolidated and Thursday 5-6:30 East

Alex Decoste Andree Heudes Abigail MacEachern
Madison Chisholm Hannah Murphy Alexis MacInnis-Murphy
Lindsay Kopf Kaleigh Mudge Savana Delorey
Jillian Vink Madeline McCarron

Under 16 team Blue Coaches Kylie and Kelsie
Practice times Monday 6:30- 8 SAJS and Wednesday 8-9:30 St. Andrews Consolidated

Brook Lynn MacDonald Makayla Hynes Madison MacDonald
Lucy Chisholm Rochele Williams Katryn Brow
Breanna Grant Seraya Knocton Christina Deyoung

Under 16 Boys Coaches Alicia and Randy
Practice times Wednesday 5-6:30 St. Andrews Consolidated and Sunday 2-3:30 SAJS

Kyle McKeough Nick LeBlanc Ben Huston-England
Daniel Pettipas Matthew Ferguson Riley Wilson
Jake Breen Rory MacInnis Tyler Doiron
Paul Bond Luke Rennie Jayden Farrell
Marcus Penney Ethan Mattie Garrett Breen

U18 White Coaches Lindsay and Jennifer
Practice times Monday 6:30-8 SAJS and Thursday 5-6:30 East Antigonish

Victoria Rankin Megan Turner Meg Wood
Maura Kell Emma Tibbo Miranda MacGillivray
Emily MacEachern Skyler Delorey Rebecca MacGillivray
Makaylah Farrell Rachel Thompson

U18 Navy Coaches Dwayne and Kristen P.
Practice times Tuesday 7:30-9 East Antigonish and Thursday 8-9:30 East Antigonish

Gracie Morell Jocelyne LeBlanc Cassidy Pettipas
Payton McKeough Shayla Langley Brooklyn Mann-Dixon
Morgan Mattie Taylor Myette
Brooke Breen Brooke Wallace

Annual General Meeting

Stoirm’s Annual General Meeting will be held Tuesday December 19 at 7 pm in the Community Room at the People’s Place Library.

We will be giving away a free registration to an athlete in attendance!